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Pitching Africa Documentary

November 11, 2012 Posted in: Articles


Read about and watch the Pitching Africa Documentary.

Key Points about African Peoples Advocacy and the Pitching Africa Documentary


1. What is the Aim of African Peoples Advocacy?

African Peoples Advocacy aims to be a platform for the engagement and education of African communities and key stakeholders on topics that are of relevance to African peoples in the UK and elsewhere.


2. How does African Peoples Advocacy operate to achieve this aim?

To achieve this aim, African Peoples Advocacy carries out educational, research and social engagement projects in the areas of leadership, education, human rights and social justice.


3. What is Pitching Africa?

Pitching Africa is a documentary that APA is currently producing. The documentary is filming how Africans and individuals of African descent with practical and exciting ideas are pitching these ideas to philanthropists and investors, and the outcome of their efforts.


The Pitching Africa Promotional video



We are delighted to confirm that the documentary will be narrated by the charismatic broadcaster Henry Bonsu, and directed by the award-winning film maker Colin Izod.

The project of APA, which will be pitched alongside chosen proposals, is called Think Africa.  The aim of this project is to enable APA to operate fully as a thinktank engaging and educating African communities and key stakeholders on topics that are of relevance to African peoples.


4. How can people participate in Pitching Africa?

It is still possible for people to participate either as philanthropists, investors or as trainers of the candidates. Philanthropists and investors may choose to appear in the documentary or have the ideas pitched to them off camera. Trainers will be required to give public speaking and other tips to candidates, and they should be prepared to be filmed.

To express your interest in participating in Pitching Africa, do contact Ms Sylvie Aboa-Bradwell, APA Director, Tel. (+44) (0)1634 5736 19

Watch the Pitching Africa Promotional Video