Policy Centre for African Peoples

The platform for African engagement

The Policy Centre for African Peoples (PCAP) was founded in the United Kingdom in 2008 by a group of African Diaspora members led by Sylvie Aboa-Bradwell. PCAP works to provide a platform for the engagement and education of African communities and the general public. 

To fulfil this objective, PCAP carries out educational, research and social engagement projects in the areas of leadership, education, human rights and social justice.


Our Mission:

The mission of PCAP is to provide a platform for the engagement and education of African individuals and the general public on topics that are of relevance to African peoples.

Our Vision:

PCAP envisions a world where African individuals and the general public are educated and engaged on topics that are of relevance to African peoples.

Our Values:

* Accountability * Justice * Professionalism * Inclusiveness * Integrity * Transparency


Goretti Kyomuhendo

Ms. Goretti Kyomuhendo MA – Goretti Kyomuhendo became a PCAP Trustee in May 2011. She is also one of the founding members of the Ugandan Women Writers’ Association and Publishing House FEMRITE, and the founder and director of African Writers Trust.
Mohamed Rashid Hassan

Mohamed Rashid Hassan

Dr Mohamed Rashid Hassan PhD – Mohamed Rashid Hassan became a Trustee of PCAP in May 2011. He is an internationally respected analyst on topics related to Africa including African political engagement, history, economic development and international relations.



Dr. Ola Sholarin, MSc, PhD – Ola Sholarin was a Trustee of PCAP from September 2008 to May 2011, and its Treasurer from December 2009 to May 2011. He is a Senior Lecturer at Westminster Business School.


Dr. Titi Banjoko –Titi Banjoko is a healthcare professional with extensive experience in international development. She successfully pioneered the formation of AfricaRecruit a programme designed to build capacity in Africa using human capital as the main driver.

Mr. John Mensah, BA, MBA –John Mensah was the Chairman of PCAP from its creation in September 2008 till December 2009. He continues to support PCAP as a member of the Advisory Committee, while also working as Director of Outreach Management Services.

Mr. Christian C. Udechukwu, MA, MBA, CF – Christian Udechukwu is the Founder and CEO of BusinessinAfrica Events UK. He is an entrepreneur, communications expert, live event organiser, and management consultant.


Our Staff Members:


Ms. Sylvie Aboa-Bradwell, MPhil –Before founding PCAP in September 2008, Sylvie Aboa-Bradwell worked as UK Co-ordinator of the Centre for Democracy and Development.


We are very grateful to the following individuals for helping PCAP as Research and Administration Volunteers:


                        Ms Ololade Phillips, BSc (Politics and International Relations): June 2017 –present


                        Ms Nicole Boahene Asomah, BA (Politics): June 2017 –present


                  Ms Hannah Bowler, BA (Hons): June 2017 –present



                 Ms Camille Joron-Crooson, BA: June 2017 –present



                  Mr Anthony Ian, Student at RMG School: February 2017 –present