About Us

The Policy Centre for African Peoples (PCAP) was founded in the UK in 2008 to enable African and disadvantaged communities to improve their lives through education.

To fulfil this mission, PCAP implements programmes in 3 main areas:

  • Education – we deliver educational projects as well as coaching and mentoring sessions that enable our beneficiaries to use education as a tool for personal and collective improvement.
  • Leadership development – we provide our beneficiaries with the training and nurturing they need to become effective leaders and change-makers.
  • Social engagement – we train, nurture and encourage our beneficiaries to become agents of positive social change.

Our Team

Staff and Volunteers

Sylvie Aboa-Bradwell

Sylvie is an award-winning educator, professional coach and entrepreneur with a Master of Philosophy from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Diploma in International Development from Birkbeck, University of London. She founded PCAP in 2008 and has been working as its executive director since. She is fluent in English, Spanish, French and several African languages. More… 

Nick Lancaster

Nick is a recent UCL graduate with a passion for education and working with young people. Whilst at University he combined his studying with part-time teaching at St Thomas More’s Catholic School and has also been involved in project coordination through a number of social enterprise projects. We are delighted to have Nick as our Outreach Coordinator for our BEFit4Life project.

Anthony Ian

Anthony is a bright secondary school pupil who has been volunteering as a PCAP admin assistant when his schedule allows him to do so since 2017.

Tawanda Tapiwa Kajawu

Tawanda is a Child and Youth Practitioner with a BA in Child and Youth Development and Sociology. He is also working on a Masters Degree in Youth Justice, Community Safety and Applied Criminology. He has worked as a Youth worker, Development Practitioner and as a radio presenter and producer. At the heart of his interest is academic research, tackling social issues and capacity building. Tawanda joined PCAP as a Youth Innovation Fellow in February 2020.

Advisory Board




Desireeis a Broadcast Journalist in the Start Up space, with a particular focus on Africa, exploring innovative culture and ecosystems around entrepreneurship. She is also a Start Up Strategist with a burning passion for helping people become Intrapreneurs (creating new opportunities within the company they work for) and Entrepreneurs (becoming their own boss).

Oleuanna Twig

Oleuanna specialises within the field of poverty mitigation and food security, working in partnership with adept experts who, together, want to redefine research and produce high-quality, effective and sustainable solutions for the people who are all too often marginalised in our society. She wants to be a part of the very excellence in quality research, contribute valuably to the fight against underdevelopment and be an element of worldwide knowledge-sharing.

Oleanna has been employed within local government, charities and NGOs in roles ranging from homeless frontline worker to commissioning officer, and now aspires to work with humanitarian projects, the charity sector and on international development.


Afonso is currently completing a Master in Business Administration at the London Business School. He served as Lead of the LBS team that delivered PCAP’s Impact Consulting project in 2018. He has extensive experience as a Researcher, Business Analyst and Management Consultant for institutions including Grameen Bank, the University of Michigan and A T Kearney.


Key skills: TV and Digital journalism, training, crisis management.

Experience: BBC former Africa Bureau chief.  Thirty-five years experience as a senior editorial leader in the BBC’s international news operation. 

Covered numerous major international news stories from China, the Middle East and India to the Rwandan genocide and conflicts in Nigeria, Bosnia, and Somalia.  

Advisor to BBC Africa and lecturer in International Journalism at the African Leadership University campuses in Rwanda, Mauritius and Kenya. Advisor to the Ambassador Partnership, a group of senior former UK Ambassadors offering diplomatic solutions around the world.

A journalism fellow at the University of Michigan, involved in several charities, focusing on improving educational opportunities  across Africa, including the Tutu Foundation UK, the UK-South Africa Trust, Education Sub Saharan Africa (ESSA) and  social enterprises like Siyakha in South Africa.

Relevant qualifications and awards: Several Sony awards for news and documentary programmes including the funeral of Nelson Mandela.  Member of the international affairs think tank Chatham House and the Royal African Society.


Veen is greatly experienced within the field of governance in the voluntary sector. He is passionate about education and raising the standards of all our children. He has a particular interest in children who are from a vulnerable background. He has worked in the civil service at a senior level for a number of years and brings strategic knowledge and skills to PCAP. In his other life, he is a local magistrate, a restorative justice practitioner and a neighbourhood mediator.

Clenses Witele

Clenses is a Policy Advisor at The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs working in Environmental Quality focusing on waste management following during the UK’s transition Period following the exit from the European Union. In July 2018, Clenses graduated with a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Nottingham and attended European Youth Debate in April 2018 to discuss political issues around Europe and its trading members. Previously worked at the Department for Education, Clenses is fully equipped with project management skills and Safeguarding & Governance skills for managing different stakeholders. Being a policy enthusiast, with keen passion and fundamental understanding of policy process, Clenses will add value to the Advisory Board. He strongly believes in the understanding and the availability of policy to people and especially to people from low social economic backgrounds. Clenses aims to provide the essential understanding of policy its importance to people who need it the most and those from disadvantaged communities.

He is fluent in English, French and Lingala. I am capable of putting my trilingual skills into practice at work in order to communicate with audience from different backgrounds.

Ohenewaa Akosua Adu-Akyeampong

Passionate about providing effective strategies for implementing the aims and objectives of PCAP, Ohenewaa joins the organisation with experience in Business Development, Trust Fundraising and Marketing. She has over 11 years of experience in mentoring young people in the BAME category, having herself been positively impacted by others who took the time to invest in her. Ohenewaa understands that growth takes time and lasting change isn’t easy to accomplish adding to another belief that ‘teaching people to fish’ is the best and most effective strategy for change and growth in regions, cultures and nations.

Board of Trustees


Chris qualified as a solicitor in 1982 and has since worked within the legal profession and in associated fields. He has particular experience in training and a strong interest in the legal aspects of immigration.


Nyasha works on transparency for accountability at mySociety. Previously she assisted with delivering curriculums reaching over 400,000 people worldwide, and volunteered for UNICEF Uganda. She participated in Peking University’s inaugural Yenching Social Innovation Forum on bridging education gaps, then lived in China supporting community engagement-led solutions via inclusive partnerships, later trialling them in Scotland, Switzerland, and Sweden.

She represented the UK at the G(irls)20 Summit in Japan for policymaking, and is a Theirworld Ambassador for Zimbabwe too: advocating for quality education. Having studied MA Politics, Social & Public Policy with Economics and Environmental Science plus Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese: she went onto MSc International Humanitarian Affairs with Human Rights Law plus an education specialisation. An award winning social entrepreneur, her international initiatives like YourCareerSite help educate marginalised young people to prepare for the 4th industrial revolution.


John is an award winning development professional with over thirty years of experience leading humanitarian and development projects across Africa. He is a published researcher, holds Fellowships with both the Royal Society (for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) and the UK Institute of Leadership and Management and will start his PhD in Public Health at the University of Lancaster in September 2020. John is a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and has worked as a business advisor to small and medium sized enterprises in Africa and Europe. Throughout his career, he has been a passionate advocate for the importance of education in tackling issues such as good health and income generation.

Unekwu Idachaba, PhD

Unekwu is a data science management professional with experience in academia, the central government, the National Health Service (NHS) and the private sector. In academia, his teaching and research focused on data science, heuristics and solving optimisation problems. In central government, his roles primarily led in data management and the use of analytics to support evidence-based policy development. In the NHS his roles provided thought leadership in management analytics to drive optimisation strategies within the healthcare domain—improving treatment outcomes for patients and financial efficiencies for healthcare providers. In the private sector, data and technology solutions organisations, he manages teams and projects, develops new use-cases, create contents for publications and promotes ethical practices.